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The Rule of law is held to be not only good in itself, because it embodies and encourages a just society, but also as a cause of other things, notably growth.

The continuous attack on healthcare professionals, migrants and minorities underline need to uphold the democratic ideals of rule of law in anxious times. Rule of law is a silver lining which runs throughout the Constitution of India to uphold its democratic values and ideals. Social distancing and isolation continue to be the most effective weapons in the fight against COVID-19. But taking into consideration the hardships and disruptions that such measures have caused to the people particularly the socio-economically vulnerable among them. These vulnerable people also need to be caressed with social solidarity keeping in mind the ultimate respect for the law from both the sides. What is increasingly coming to the front is that there are unfortunate and troubling acts of exclusion, violence and mob justice, along with new and pre-existing cleavage.

Doctors are being beaten up, and accused by the assailants for spreading the virus. Migrant workers were beaten up by a group of men. These attacks are seen to be targeted to more vulnerable sections of the society. Medical workers are most at risk of serious infection, migrant workers largely daily wage earners have borne the brunt of the economic disruption on their shoulders.

The pandemic has resulted into an unprecedented challenge to both the state and society. Keeping the view, for all the claims that it is flattening differences posing a danger to all, across social, economic divides it could also deepen the inequalities along class and community. It is time to bring people together by reinforcing solidarity. It is to be remembered that, even during the phase of pandemic or a crisis, the rule of law should prevail and not the fear or brute force. It is imperative to understand that the social cohesion based upon the dependence which individuals have on each other in more advanced societies, it is social solidarity which is seen as a condition for social transformation and is indeed essential during this time of social emergency which India and rest of the nations are facing in the world.

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